We dispatch Letterbox Flowers and Bouquets across the UK daily


Subscription Letterbox Flowers

We are offering customers the opportunity to sign up for our Box and Blume Vibrant Letterbox Subscription Flowers which are dispatched twice a month (the first and third Friday of each month).

Signing up for this package means that you will also incur only one shipping fee - so even more savings!

We will select the flowers for the Vibrant Letterbox Subscription Flowers. 

All Vibrant Letterbox Subscription Flowers, will consist of bright colourful blooms in line with Box and Blume's brand style. 

You can expect your letterboxes to consist of any combination of the following flowers:

Lilies, Roses, Chrysanthemums, Antir, Leucodendron, Carnations, Delphnium, Sunflowers, Luecospernum, Solidago, liatris, Hypericum Berries, mixed folidge - and many more.

If you like bright, beautiful flowers and would like to receive flowers on a regular basis or simply want to suprise someone by sending flowers, then this offer is could be suitable for you!



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