Abina Letterbox - Subscription Flowers
Abina Letterbox - Subscription Flowers

Abina Letterbox - Subscription Flowers

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These blooms are a ray of bright warm colours, which provide a glowing display within any room.


Yellow Gerberas, Yellow Rose, Orange Roses, Red Chrysanthemums,  Ruscus, Aspidistra and Monsteria Leaf.

Meaning of these flowers

Yellow Gerberas - friendship, compassion, trust, respect

Yellow roses – friendship

Orange roses - fascination

Red Chrysanthemums - respect

Bud to bloom 

Our flowers are picked and packed whilst in bud. This is to ensure freshness and maximum vase life as your flowers bloom.  Follow our flower care guide to enjoy your flowers for longer. 

Letterbox Delivery

We pack our flowers securely into a specially designed ventilated box which fits through most letterboxes so there is no need to wait for the delivery. We guarantee that our bouquets will stay fresh for a minimum of 5 days, subject to the care guidance being followed. All letterbox flowers will arrive with a personal message card (if requested), care instructions and a packet of flower food. The vase is not included.

FREE Delivery

We offer free delivery on all our letterbox flowers by Royal Mail.