Afia Box Flowers
Afia Box Flowers

Afia Box Flowers

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Afia Box Flowers consists of long lasting stems and foliage. This mono coloured display of green shades creates a striking and refreshing display within any room. 


Green Anthurium, Aspidistra, Dracaena, Green Ti and Steel Grass.

Box Flowers

Our Box Flowers are delivered to you within a few days of having been picked and exported as we like to ensure freshness and maximum vase life as your flowers bloom. 

We would like to suggest that you follow our flower care guide on the website to enjoy your flowers for longer. 

Dispatch Timelines:

Flowers will be dispatch once a week on the Thursday of each week for flowers order by the Monday 10pm of that week.  Flowers will be sent by Royal Mail 24 hour post. You can therefore expect your flowers to arrive between the Friday to Saturday of each week.  

Once your flowers have been dispatched you will receive your tracking reference.

Please note: Your box flowers will be delivered to your or your receprient's door by Royal Mail.  You will need to be home to receive these flowers as they are too large to fit through the letter box.