Subscription Flowers - £75 per month

Subscription Flowers - £75 per month

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Our flower subscription package is for Letterbox  flowers which will be delivered weekly over a period of a month. 

If you enjoy having weekly flowers, our monthly letterbox subscription flower package is an economical way to purchase weekly flowers.  The package cost £75 per month which equates to £18.75 per week.

We will dispatch your subscription letterbox flowers weekly on a Friday to arrive on the Saturday.

We will select the flowers for our Letterbox Subscription Flowers. All flowers selected will be vibrant  and will consist of bright colourful blooms in line with Box and Blume's brand style. You can expect your letterboxes to consist of any combination of the following flowers from the following:

Lilies, Roses, Chrysanthemums, Hyacinthus, Gerbera, Antir,, Leucodendron, Carnations, Delphnium, Sunflowers, Luecospernum, Matthhiola, Solidago, Liatris,  mixed foliage - and many more.

With our subscription package, you also have the option for flowers to be delivered to someone else. Potentially you could use the package to request of the delivery of flowers to be delivered to up to 4 different people in a month. If you would like to use your subscription to send flowers to someone else as well please do the following:

In the customer note box at the checkout stage - please enter the name and address of who you would like your flowers to be sent through and also add the date that you would like your flowers to be sent.  Leave the rest to us and we will dispatch your flowers in accordance with your instructions.  You will receive your Royal Mail tracking reference once your flowers have been sent.

We have specifically made the duration of our subscription package for a month as we wanted to enable customers to have the flexibility to order flowers either just as a one-off order for one month or to continue ordering flowers should they wish on a monthly basis.

We will dispatch your subscription flowers by Royal Mail 24 hour post.  

The postage cost is £6.99 per week.  This is calculated for you automatically at the checkout.